Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Down on the farm...our new arrival

This our first goat baby of the year! The girls have named her Sunny and she is so cute. We weren't supposed to have any babies for another month but evidently her mommie thought different. So , she isen't a "meat" goat she is 3/4 dairy and 1/4 meat goat. Oh, well accidents happen...

The kids have had fun with her but she is now just to darn wild for them to get close to .

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Emmalie in the hospital..

I just got home yesterday with Emmalie after being in the hospital overnite with her. Evidently, the new medicine given to her by her neurologist was much to strong for her and caused her to have breathing difficulties and also she had a stomach virus. She is much better today but was up alot last night very irritable. She just woke up tonite and we are hoping she goes back to sleep!! Mike is rocking her now and she is quiet , that is a good sign.

We have cought I think every single "bug" that is around. I am ready for Summer.

Birthday Girl Sophie Rose Iman

We have had a birthday, Sophie who is now one. I can't believe that she is already a year old. I will post a picture of the birthday girl. She is growing up, I noticed that this time when I took her for her eye exam at St Judes she didn't scream at everyone and demand that I hold her.. Whew that is huge improvement. I took her and Tessa both to St Judes before and I ended up pushing a twin stroller with Tessa in it and had to carry Sophie the WHOLE time or she would scream... you know I really realized that trip that I was getting just a little bit older..

Monday, February 11, 2008

on the mend....

Well, I am hoping that everyone is on the mend finally. When I went to St Judes for Tessa's exam I ended up going to the Dr there...boy I am glad that this illness is on its way out!! We had a work day on our house and it is coming together. It is really looking good and the room will be so good to have.We are all really looking forward to moving in it! We are very thankful for all of the help that we have gotten on it. I will post pictures later.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

precious baby with RSV

This is precious baby Ella she has been fighting the flu and RSV. She absolutely hates breathing treatments but she is such a good baby and just smiles all the time.She continues to sleep through the nite even sick. Having her sure makes is hard to say no to another baby!!


Well , after the great influenza hit our house I began to realize that there just wasen't any way for us to leave the country to adopt. It is really sad for me because I have always dreamed of traveling to pick up a child from another country. I know that I will adjust to that fact but it will take some time...
So, I have changed the name of the blog and we will move on!! Now I am not saying that I wouldn't adopt any more period, just not internationally.