Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Good News!!

Well Tessa had her eye exam and she continues to be clear of tumors ! YAY...she was a big girl and let Dr.Wilson look in her eyes without sedation this time...so no more putting her out !
She has a bone scan on Thursday and on Friday she has her CAT scan and then we are home !!
until next time

Saturday, January 22, 2011

A week at St.Judes...

Well I leave in the morning for St Judes with Tessa. I am going to try to beat the snow that might come. We had to cancel her appt. due to snow so it is imperative that we make this one. They will be doing all her scans and her eye exam. She also has alot of out side appts, so we will be pretty busy.If you are a praying person please say one for her and all of the other children with cancer..
I will post more later when we know her results.
until later....


I have never seen a dog luv snow like GiGi. It has been tough to keep the house dry between her and the kids !

Snow Fun !!

We Got 4 inches of snow and the kids just had the best time !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

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Talk about a "Charlie Brown" Christmas Tree....

This is the tree that the kids just had to have ! I was going to buy one but they wanted to go and cut on here on the farm...I have learned finally that I just need to let things go, if the kids want it ....let them have it !

Viola's Christmas Program ! John was great...

More of Madeline's birthday!

Madeline' Birthday Party at Pizza hut !