Saturday, September 6, 2008

Back to St Judes....

We are back at the hospital again..:( Tessa began to run a fever right before lunch and it just kept climbing up there. It was 101 by the time we got here. Her counts are :Hgb (red blood cells) is 8.6, if it falls below 8 she will get another RBC transfusion, her platelets are 38 I believe and if they fall below 20 or 25 she will get a platelet transfusion her "ANC" is O....that is white cells. So she is concidered neutrapenic and can't fight off any kind of infections.She is on IV antibiotics and they have takes bunches of cultures, so we will see. I am exhausted and so I will turn in for now.
Thanks to everyone for everything....:)


Dia said...

Keep us updated!

Robin said...

I am sorry she is running a fever. Poor baby. Check the mail while you are there.

Dana said...

I will do that , they are open tomarrow.She seems to be feeling pretty good after two transfusions.