Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back at St Judes

Tessa and I arrived at 8am YEAH!!! I made it...boy 4am comes early....
She is now is a procedure to check her hearing and get an echo on her heart.She should be done soon. Her last Chemo is set for Thursday . Praise the Lord I can see the light at the end of the tunnel....well kind of....Ha Ha.
I am trying to get a jump start on our housing for radiation treatment. We will be here for 5 wks
Monday thru Friday and the kids just didnt do well with me gone so I am trying to see if we can do something different, were we can alternate kids or stay some where that all of us (or most of us) can stay....
I will be going home after her eye exam tomarrow and then Mike will turn around and come back on Thursday and stay until Sunday when her treatment is done.
I am anxious to get her eye exam behind us because it seems like her eye has had more "funny" movements lately and that is what I saw with the eye they removed...
will update more later


Melody said...

Praying for you and Tessa and the whole gang. Remember His plans for you all are good. God bless, Melody

Mark Horrocks said...

Good to talk with you yesterday and hopefully we'll get something worked out for you and your housing situation.

When you can shoot me an email with your contact information.

Mark Horrocks
Habitat for Hope