Friday, October 31, 2008

Inpatient again.....

Well,Tessa began to run a fever while at the appt to get her new eye made so we had to rush back to the hospital and of course are admitted. Her counts have hit bottom and now she will recieve blood and hopefully we will get to go home in a few days. They are having a big Halloween party and she will get to "trick or treat" here so I will take alot of pictures and post them.
The girls at home are looking forward to their party which is tomarrow and tonite Marie will take them out to trick or treat!


Jo said...

Dana, I've been following Tessa's progress on your blog, and have come to the conclusion that you have a lot of friends and family who continue to pray, and help in many ways! WHAT A BLESSING! You guys are on our prayer list.-mamajo

Dana said...

Jo, thanks so much for stopping by!!! Everyone has been wonderful and the power of prayer is great!
It's been a long time since High School Huh??:)
email some time and thanks for all of the prayers

melonie thompson said...

AWWWWWWW.... So sad for you both!!! Hope you will be home soon and she will be better. Call if we can help!
Hugs to you,

Dana said...

thanks Melonie, I know that you are busy getting ready to go to Eastonia (sp)