Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year from the Newman's!

Well, if it is hard for you to make out this picture then let me explain it for you. It is enough medicine for probably a whole town in rural Arkansas! Our children all have the "Infuenza" FLU and I don't mean a stomach virus...oh and I forgot to mention the STREP but at least unlike last year we are free from RSV!YEAH....
We went to Texas to visit Jason and his family and our grandson had the flu!! This is the second year that we have gotten the flu and Tessa was immunized twice this year to cover the flu..Well, I know that you guys who are against immunizations will have a field day with that one...LOL...actually, this will be the LAST year that we do this.(get flu shots)
The Newman's

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Dia said...

That's CRAZY! Dia