Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year (the real one)

I just wanted to post a more serious post about our hopes for our new year. We have had a year that has not been with out challenges in 2008.We have a child that has and is struggling with cancer. I think that when you are faced with that in your life your outlook changes,at least mine has. We have experienced other parents heartaches through their words, hugs,silence and tears while we were getting Tessa's treatment at St Judes. It really made us so aware how fragile life on earth is and in the process has made our faith so much stronger.The words "live each day to it's fullest" have never meant more to us than it does now. We know that you can never be sure how long your children,your spouse or yourself has in this world but is sure hits home if you are sitting in a hospital surrounded by children , some of whom will not live to see the spring.It hits you like a "a fist in the stomach" at times. These families all become intertwined with your lives during treatment. You have dinner with them, you fellowship with them. You sit in surgery waiting rooms with them. All of you hoping for the "Good News". All the while when the news in good for you and your child the guilt creeps in because the news wasn't good for the next family or their family. I have come to understand , mostly through my own experience that it people's strong faith helps them get through these first days, weeks, then months and finally years with their child. Without faith it would be impossible. God has given us a promise that there will be everlasting life. Hallelujah! One family especially comes to mind as I write this post. I had seen and talked with this family for months. They are Amish and would "trade off" who would come with the child for her treatments. The mother had other children at home and couldn't stay all the time with her child, so the child's Aunt would come. This child looked like I imagine a "child angel" would look, she was precious. I was there the day that they were told that there just wasent'anything else to do for her. They would take her home and love her until the end. The Aunt as she told me about this, she said to me," soon she will be happy with her Lord and there will be no more pain, won't that be wonderful? We will be the ones suffering in the world not her". There were no tears in her eyes because she knew that was the absolute truth.Of course she wanted her niece to live but she knew that she was going to a wonderful place with no suffering. I know that I have prayed for faith like that daily and that is my goal for the new year. To have more faith in God our father, to believe , really believe that all things are possible through him. To be more of the person that God wants me to be .That is my hope for all of you that read my blog; That you become more of the person that God wants you to be and to have faith that all things are possible through Him.


Dia said...

Aren't we so blessed! Dia


Hey Dana,
I just stopped by to catchup on Tessa. I think of her often. I love the Christmas Picture. I can't believe how the children are growing. Tess looks good. Each of the children are so precious. I have had a year of growing and lots of changing thoughts toward life in 2008 as well. I look forward to 2009. We have a friend that has a child that is battling Cancer. She had relapsed last year but is finally home and close to 214 days post bone marrow transplant. She has survived so much as well as the 'dreaded' fungus. She turns six in a few weeks. If you don't mind remembering her, her name is Livy Culpepper. She has the AML FAB M5b. I believe it is the best she has been in a year.
Best wishes for the New Year and May you all be truly blessed. ALSO, little miss Emmalie looks so cute.
Love Jan Camp GA

Dana said...

Yes we are so blessed Dia!
Thankyou so much Jan for stopping by it is great to hear from you.Any new babies?