Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Update 8/15

Tess is still not eating and her color is pale. She is feeling a little more active today than yesterday. Tessa doesn't weigh much to begin with and has lost 2 lbs. this week alone. That's a lot for a little body!

She will get shots at 9am in the morning and then they'll draw her blood. If her counts have begun to rise we'll get to go home. If they're too low we'll be getting a transfusion and not coming home till they come up.

Home health is set up and will be coming twice a week to draw her blood at home. She'll still be receiving daily shots (OUCH!) We don't look forward to that at home! Lucky Me!

Please keep her in your prayers!


sharon said...

Dana, Please let me know if I can send anything or if you need anything, I have put Tessa on our prayer groip list as well as all you family. I know you are so over whelmed righ now. Again I love and admire you as always , Sharon

Dana said...

Sharon ,
thanks for your thoughts and prayers! Send an email sometime.