Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ready to go home!!!!

Tessa us is getting a blood transfusion now which will be done around 2pm then they say we can go home .It will only mean one day at home but I will take what I can!! I am anxious to see the other children and Mike. Will post more later.


Dia said...

Awesome! Let us know if anything changes! Dia

Robin said...

that is great news. I hope your visit at home is special.

Dana said...

thanks you guys I had a great day at home!!

Kathy said...

Dana - I just discovered your blog (linking through Tracie's). I just kind of skimmed it, as it's late. I'm so sorry about Tessa and I can't imagine how you're dealing with all this, but what choice do we have as parents? It's the hardest thing in the world do watch your child suffer. You can (if you want) keep up with me at At least I think that's it. I know you and your girls (and Mike and Cody and his wife) will have a great Christmas! How could you not, with all those beautiful children? Anyway, it was good to find out what's going on. Happy Holidays to all your family. Kathy