Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Update for Tuesday

Well, we are at St Judes and I have met with Tessa's oncologist. The news is really not as good as we first thought...(is that possible the news wasn't good anyway). Tessa's cancer has left the eye and they now know it is in the eye orbit. She still has to have all of the tests done and we will know more then but her treatment might be a little bit different now. They are talking about some real aggressive chemo that she will have to be hospitalized for and radiation at the end of it. It is all real scary . I hate that Mike is at home with all of the kids but we both know that I can handle the "medical" stuff the best. If she has to be hospitalized my hope is that Mike can come and bring three kids with him for me to visit with while he is at the hospital....we will see...
Tomorrow is the bone scan, I will keep updating as I can.
The big girls will be taking their chickens to the county fair tomorrow, I hate that I am missing their first fair but I know that Marie will take pictures.

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