Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sat. Update 8.16.08

Tessa developed a fever over the night and we ended up taking cultures and blood earlier than expected. Unfortunately, her counts came back at ZERO and anything under 20 requires a blood transfusion. In other words, her counts weren't even beginning to increase!

We're getting a blood and platelet transfusion today. They're admitting her back to the hospital and the dr. said we'll be here at least 4 more days. He's worried about the abdominal pain she's been having and this fever. Hopefully, the cultures will show exactly what's going on.

Please pray for Tessa! Also, pray that we'll have wisdom to develop a plan for arranging the logistics of needing to be at the hospital AND at home.


sharon said...

Sent an email, unsure you had email available to you there. I have started a prayer chain and hope it goes around the world and back. The power prayer has is an awesome thing just as Faith in God is awesome. Even Kenton is asking for prayers! We love you and your family so much, Sharon

Trish said...

Dana & Mike.. Sharon sent telling us about your beautiful daughter. Please know lots of prayers going up in her name!! Keep us updated.

In his name,