Thursday, August 7, 2008

update on Thursday....

We have been admitted to the hospital and Tessa has begun the meds that they give before Chemo...she will start Chemo at 6pm...she had a little bit of pain from the bone marrow aspiration and so they gave her some pain meds which gave me the time to come out and write an update. I can see that I really am going to want a lap-top...
I think I am beginning to get emotional now as the time grows nearer to the chemo starting.Frankly it really scares me. I know we are in good hands..(God's and St judes) but it is still the unknown.
The Dr's have said that they are going to want to do radiation therapy also at the end of chemo, if they do that would mean staying here for 5 wks. We will see how the therapy goes they said.
I will update as often as I can and thanks to everyone for their prayers, show of concern and calls.

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